Fundraising for treatment of Maksim Chuprov

Fundraising for treatment of Maksim Chuprov

«TED-TEAM» Auction Rules

  1. The auction starts on the 1st of June at 12.00 Moscow time.

1.1 Bid closing: June, 9th at 20.00 Moscow time

  1. There is a minimal price for the lots.

2.1 The minimal price is 1000 rub

  1. The starting price for every bid is 1000 rub
  2. The minimum bet is 200 rub
  3. Individuals as well as legal bodies can participate in the auction.
  4. Only a registered participant can take part in the auction. You will receive an email with all the information concerning your bet.
  5. The Winner (later- a Buyer) is considered an Auction participant that offered the most money by the end of the Auction.
  6. The confirming email will be received by the participant in case of his\her winning. The order can be paid via Robokassy, Yandex-kassy or to the carrier in cash.
  7. The deadline for the purchase of the lots is 3 calendar days from the moment of winning. In case you are not able to redeem the lots within three days, your bid will be cancelled and the winning is transferred to another participant.
  8. Regardless of the method of payment and shipping the Buyer pays the cost of еру lots and еру cost of еру auction for shipping.